Saturday, April 2, 2011

Got an amp today.

I went CVS today to try something new but they have a very bad selection there :( 
But then I saw amp and I realized I have not had one in a while so I got one. They are also pretty cheap there so I might go back and get more. It liked it a lot it tastes like mountain dew and I missed it because it was my first energy drink I ever started drinking. It kind of tastes like MDX which is the best soda ever (RIP). I will write more about MDX later because it was so delicious.

 Here is a picture of me holding the amp as I walk down the street.


  1. I used to drink energy drinks. Then I got a kidney stone. Now I drink water.

  2. I love Amp, but have you ever tried 'Cocaine'?
    As in the drink, not the superior version...

  3. Meh, Amp is probably one of my least favorite energy drinks.

  4. need to try one of these - or something to get some energy!
    Chris, here's a proven way to get rid of a kidney stone: consists of 8 ounces asparagus and 2 liter coke/Pepsi: pure-ate in a blender 8 ounces of asparagus and drink it (u might want to add some sugar/equal). drink the 2 liter over the next hour. your problem will be gone in the morning. some how it softens the stone and u pass it without knowing it.

  5. AMP does not taste so good. Nothing like the O.G Mt. Dew